About Kate

Kate Poole is an independent economics researcher based in Philadelphia, PA. Over the past three years she has worked with Michael Shuman, conducting interviews and research for Local Dollars, Local Sense, developing a series of community jobs calculators for BALLE, and co-authoring Growing Local Living Economies: A Grassroots Approach to Local Economic Development (a comprehensive workbook available through BALLE). An honors graduate of Princeton University, Kate wrote her thesis on “The Asoke Group: A Modern Thai Reform Buddhism Rethinking Religion and Economics,” and remains interested in the intersection of economic and spiritual beliefs. Right now, Kate is excited about building Poole Accounts and creating comics depicting the new economy,  including pragmatic local investing guides, illustrations exploring class privilege, and zines about the intersection of economic and spiritual beliefs.  Full resume can be found here.

Kate can be reached at:

kate at poole accounts dot com